Elbrus Lite Package for

individual travelers

Services Price, Euro Comments
Lite Package (the main part which can not be changed) includes: - Visa support; - Police registration; - Border zonepermit; - 1 night accommodation (with dinner and breakfast) in our mountain hotel - Our English and German speaking representative support Group of 1–4 people — 170 Euro group of 5 and more people — 150 Euro Price is "per person" in a group.
Services Price, Euro Comments
Hotel accommodation (3*), single/double («standard») room, WITHOUT breakfast 120/130 per room
Transfer Airport-Hotel or Hotel-Airport, a private car, maximum 3 people + maximum 3 big bagpacks. If you have more gear a driver may reject the transportation. 75 per car
Transfer Airport-Hotel or Hotel-Airport, a private minibus max 6 people 90 per minibus
Air tickets Moscow — Mineral Vody — Moscow (estimated price for 2011 season) 350 per person
Meeting and seeing at MinVody airport. Transfer «MinVody airport — Terskol» or backwards, a private car (max 3 people) 90 per car
Meeting and seeing at MinVody airport. Transfer «MinVody airport — Terskol» or backwards, a private minibus (max 6 people, summer period 8) 150 per minibus
Shared transfer «MinVody airport — Terskol» or backwards, if it’s possible to join to our regular group. (Requires a confirmation from us to join the regular group) 35 per person
Accommodation in the mountain hut, shared 4-6 bed in the room, gas stove, electricity. (sometimes available, sometimes not ) 20 per person
A hotel, 2 meals a day, shared 2 bed rooms. (always available) At the moment our base is new «Chiran-Azau» hotel (50 m. from the cable car) 35 per person
A cheap hostel, no meals, shared 2—3 bed rooms (always available). 20 per person
Cloak room (baggage room) at the mountain hotel(always available, prepare big sacks/packets to save money) free
A local guide for Mt. Elbrus climb (1 night, which means he comes up in the evening, starts climb with clients at 2—4 am and returns back to the Valley same day) (sometimes available, sometimes not). 350 Guide
A local guide for Mt. Elbrus climb (additional night in case of bad weather, just staying in the base camp), (sometimes available, sometimes not). 100 guide
A local guide for hiking around (1 day, from 8 am to 8 pm) (sometimes available, sometimes not) 100 guide
Originally T-Shirt with Mt. Elbrus logo 15 Per T-Shirt
Elbrus region color plan/map 1:50000. (always available 15 per map


Samples of services which may be ordered from our representative in the Caucasus:

  • Transfers to/from any place.
  • Accommodations in the Valley.
  • Changing domestic air tickets.
  • Help with cashing money in local bank.
  • Renting the good equipment in the rent shop.
  • Sending/ receiving email and faxes.

Important notice: This program is designed for independent traveler who wants to stay on his own but also needs: visa support, permits, available contacts in the Valley for support in case of problems and questions.


Comments about Lite Package:

  1. English/German speaking representative support: Our English and German speaking representatives will help you if you have problems or questions.
  2. One night accommodation. We insist on staying in the hotelfor the first night because we need to know that you have arrived and we need your passports for registration. We cannot make all registrations in advance because we need your passports and visas for Police registration.
  3. Permit to the border zone: You have to be registered when you visit a border zone. Elbrus region (south of Baksan river) considered being a border zone. Border with Georgia is 3 km away. We will make this registration before you come in Russia. This does not require your passport or your presence.
  4. Police (OVIR) registration: You have to be registered if you stay in Russia for more than 3 business days. Our representative will ask to leave your passports for 1 day and will return it with proper registration or will make this registration in time of your transfer from airport to Elbrus area.
  5. Visa support: We will send to you an invitation by fax (or by e-mail) after your prepayment. You have to carry this invitation (with photos, formulars, insurance) to Russian consulate in the city convenient for you and pay Consulate fees.


Additional Services comments:

  1. Transfers in the Caucasus: There are two types of transfers available for individual travelers:

a) Private transfer (will be organized especially for you)

b) Transfer with our regular group (This type of transfer you can book after confirmation from our side)

  1. Accommodation in the mountain hut: The best way to have a place in the mountain hut is to book it in advance.



If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees apply at the time we receive written notice of your cancellation.

21—45 days - 20% of Land Cost

14—20 days - 50% of Land Cost

1—13 days - 75% of Land Cost

On the arrival day - 100% of Land Cost


If we cancel a trip:

Top-Travel reserves the right to cancel any trip. We give a full refund of land cost in case the tour is not prevented by reason of circumstances amounting to force major. Such circumstances include but are not limited to war or threat of war, natural disaster, government action and all similar circumstances outside our control.



Top-Travel does not give refunds for unused hotel rooms, meals, trek arrangements and other services.